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Choose an Efficient and Ethical Writing Stack for your Tech Content: 2024

This article is a 2024 update of our previous article, Need an Efficient Writing Stack and Workflow for a Tech Newsletter or Blog? Voilà.

Explore the Stack

DrupalCon Lille convention center, Le Grand Palais

DrupalCon Lille - How Goes the Modernization of Drupal

This article will share my impressions (and photos) from DrupalCon Lille. It was one of the most enjoyable conference experiences I have been blessed with attending. Being in France doesn't hurt and the venue was conveniently located near the train station and my hotel. Plus it was informative and even entertaining at times.

Explore DrupalCon Lille

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Cooking Up Convenience - Symfony Flex's Recipes and the Drupal Recipes Initiative

Symfony's Flex Recipes (starter sets of functionality) have provided part of the inspiration for Drupal's new Recipes Initiative (as opposed to its current distritubtions). This article will compare the two. Since the Drupal recipes are just coming to fruition, we will look at them in more detail.

Get Cooking

Join us as we explore the strange new world of Symfony’s AssetMapper via SymfonyCast

This article could also be titled AssetMapper: Modern JS without BS (either Build System or Bullshit). But we want to boldly go where no one has gone before in the Symfony universe. 🛸 In any event, it will explore Symfony’s new and currently experimental AssetMapper component.

Explore AssetMapper

Retrofit or Backdrop CMS: Which savior should the damned on Drupal 7 sites turn to?

I have had harsh words in the past for sinful sites refusing to upgrade from Drupal 7. And for wishy-washy Drupal leadership that repeatedly backslides from ending support for it.

But fear not, ye doomed and damned denizens of Drupal 7 misery, a savior is at hand. Stretch out your wretched arms and embrace salvation before death drags you down to the fires of website hell. 😈

Save your (site's) soul

Symfony-based kbin is taking the Threadiverse by Storm

Thanks to the recent asshattery of Reddit and its douche CEO, open-source alternatives are blowing up. kbin is a Fediverse platform built with Symfony, API Platform, and Schema Generator 3 by Ernest Wiśniewski.

Blast off with kbin

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How four Symfony Components + Twig help simplify Drupal Core

This is a follow-on to our article, How Symfony components power Drupal’s drive to new frontiers. It looks at the nuts and bolts of four of the Symfony components/libraries Drupal uses, plus the Twig templating engine.

See the simplicity

Fediverse logo

You say you want a revolution: help the free, fair, and friendly Fediverse destroy Big Social

Unless you've been under a rock since last fall when Space Karen bought Twitter, you’ve heard the buzz about the Fediverse and Mastodon in particular. And hopefully, you want to know more about it.

Destroy Big Social

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Does Drupal Have a Path to Growth?

Is Drupal growing? I would say no. But is Drupal predestined to a slow and slight decline year after year? Or does it have a growth path? That’s what I will explore in this opinion piece. One that I hope is wrong.

See if Drupal can grow

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2023’s Challenging yet Achievable(?) New Tech Goals for my Symfony-based Sites

No pain, no gain. In this article, I will explain three goals I’ve set for my PHP-based websites in 2023. And how they will become more integrated with Symfony than ever.

Explore the new tech goals

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How Symfony components power Drupal’s drive to new frontiers

With the release of Drupal 10 Symfony’s PHP framework is even more tightly integrated into the DXP/CMS.

Explore the components

SymfonyCon Paris header graphic

A SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022 preview: 2 workshops and 9 compelling sessions to eagerly anticipate

In this quasi-preview article, we’ll preview the conference and what we are looking forward to.

The 8th edition of the SymfonyCon conference is titled SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022. This year it’s at Disney's new Hotel New York - Art of Marvel.

Get ready for SymfonyCon

Screenshot of Symfony U X Component

Discover Symfony UX. Turbo let’s you put SPAs in the Rearview Mirror.

Let’s explore the SPA-like speed that Turbo brings to Symfony UX.

This is a companion article to Discover Symfony UX’s Twig Components and Discover Symfony UX. UI with Stimulus. Read those first, as they contain more detailed Symfony UX information referenced here.

Discover Turbo

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Discover Symfony UX. UI with Stimulus = fewer JS headaches for you.

Let’s explore the magic that Stimulus JS brings to Symfony UX. This is a companion article to Discover Symfony UX’s Twig Components. Read that first, as it contains more detailed Symfony UX information referenced here.

Discover the components

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Discover Symfony UX’s Twig Components. UI without JS or BS.

With Symfony UX a PHP class + template = Twig component. Use them to build a highly-interactive UI from the comfort of Twig. No JS and no BS are required.

Discover the components

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Dream Universal, Develop Local: A look at PHP Local Development Tools.

There are a plethora of local development tools to use with your PHP projects. In this article, we will explore the ones optimized for WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, and Symfony.

Check the local developments

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Frontend Madness: SPAs, MPAs, PWAs, Decoupled, Hybrid, Monolithic, Libraries, Frameworks! WTF for your PHP backend?

Explore this look at how JavaScript chaos on the frontend is impacting PHP CMSs and frameworks.

As the title of this article implies, developing for the frontend of the web can be a cluster. I hope to help you make some sense of it in this in-depth article. And I mean in-depth.

Fight the Madness

Screenshot of Drupal Homepage

Need an Efficient Writing Stack and Workflow for a Tech Newsletter or Blog? Voilà.

Our mission is not only to cover Symfony and PHP. We also serve their respective developer communities. One way to do that is to help more developers write about Symfony and PHP.

You might even publish a newsletter and/or articles covering them. If so, we created this resource for you. If you don’t, we hope you will start soon.

Examine the stack

Graphic of Harmonious Development with Symfony 6 Course

A review of SymfonyCast’s Free “Harmonious Development with Symfony 6” Course

This article explores and reviews SymfonyCast’s “Harmonious Development with Symfony 6” tutorial course in detail. Best of all, the course and the review are free. They are a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the Symfony programming framework and the learning platform.

Check out the review

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Exploring the 7 PHP Frameworks using Symfony Components

Looking for PHP frameworks built with Symfony? This article will explore them and provide their relevant details.

It’s an "easier to digest" version of the information on the Symfony site. It's more documentation than a documentary with some added information from the frameworks themselves. It also includes some comments from us. Where we found them, we have linked them to third-party reviews or comparisons.

In any event, I hope it will prove helpful to you and your search for a framework solution.

Explore Symfony's Frameworks

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Examine the Reassuringly Robust Flexibility and Extensibility of Symfony Security

It’s long past time to make your Symfony applications as secure as possible.

As should be obvious to anyone not living under a rock, cybersecurity is critical. This has always been the case, but it’s even more important now thanks to the Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

The potential for a cyber-war has never been higher. As Russia struggles with illegally occupying Ukraine it may lash out with cyber-attacks against anyone supporting the Ukrainian nation.

Examine Symfony's Security

Inspector screenshot

How to Implement Code Execution Monitoring for your Symfony apps via Inspector

As a product owner, you may have experienced how an application issue can be hard to identify and fix, create negative impacts on the users’ experience, or block new potential customers in their onboarding path.

Inspector allows developers to have a code-driven monitoring environment completely under their control and to be the first to know if the application is in trouble. It does so “before” users stumble onto the problem.

Check out the implementation

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Exploring the 12 eCommerce Platforms of Symfony

Researching eCommerce Platforms built with Symfony? If you are this article, will explore all the ones available and provide their relevant details.

Some people say eCommerce is the future. In reality, it is the dominant form of commerce now. And it's a lucrative field of work for PHP developers.

Explore the solutions

How code-driven monitoring helps you deliver successful Symfony products

Discover why software developers should always prefer code-driven to infrastructure-driven monitoring tools. 

Deliver Successful Products

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Exploring the 17 Content Management Systems of Symfony

Have you ever wondered which CMSs are built with Symfony? Well, probably not, but if you have this reference article shows which ones are and provides their relevant details.

Explore the CMSs

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Why You Should Use Code Execution Monitoring with Symfony

Find out how Code Execution Monitoring helps you identify bugs and bottlenecks in your Symfony app before your customers do.

Explore Code Execution Monitoring

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How Symfony Station was built: an adventurous exploration of layout solutions

In this story (aka case study), see how Symfony, Drupal, Layout Builder, and Gutenberg became a crew.

Enjoy the story

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Twig: The Ultimate Guide to the Premier PHP Templating Language

Learn how to make the code for your site's frontend simpler, cleaner, dryer, more logical, and secure with Twig.

Check out Twig

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