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Symfony Station Communiqué - 2 June 2023

By Reuben Walker, 2 June, 2023

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Welcome to this week's Symfony Station Communiqué. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities focusing on protecting democracy. We also cover the cybersecurity world and the Fediverse.

There is plenty of good content in each category this week, so please take your time and enjoy the ones most relevant and valuable to you. There are three ship tons of PHP items this week.

Or jump straight to your favorite section.

Once again, thanks to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our latest communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold. And will often involve profanity.

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As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> “This week, Symfony 5.4.24 and 6.2.11 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, we published the 6.3.0 Release Candidate 1 and Release Candidate 2 versions in preparation for the final release of Symfony 6.3 next week.“

A Week of Symfony #856 (22-28 May 2023)

Symfony announced:

Symfony 6.3.0 released

Symfony 6.3 curated new features

New in Symfony 6.3: Scheduler Component

New in Symfony 6.3: Webhook Integration with Mailer and Notifier

SymfonyOnline June 2023 - The schedule is online!

Join Nicolas G. and Juliette R.F. at Brussels PHP meetup on June 22th!

May's Symfony updates are here - check them out! 🚀

Blackfire shared:

Raise your hands for Blackfire CLI: Profiling everything from your terminal

SymfonyCasts updates its Doctrine course:

This week on SymfonyCasts

Featured Item

ArsTechnica asks and reviews a book with the answers. It’s an interesting read.

Is cybersecurity an unsolvable problem?

Hint: Since cybersecurity deals with crimes and crimes come from humans and humans mostly suck, the answer is no. If you are in cybersecurity, buy the book anyway. So, you can minimize the suck.

This Week

Nacho Colomina Torregrosa shows us how to:

Create a service on the fly in a Symfony third party bundle

Strangebuzz explores:

Using Symfony forms with PHP typed properties


Susubi examines:

Payment by Purchase Order in Drupal Commerce

Lewis Blakeney shares:

The Importance of Magento Performance Optimization and How to Achieve It


Typo3 announces:

Update on the TYPO3 Content Blocks and Leadership Changes

Yay Typo3.

Lullabots updates us on:

Sponsoring Drupal Contributions at Lullabot

This is great news, and we need more efforts like this to bring Drupal back to advancement. It’s a point I belabored in my article, Does Drupal Have a Path to Growth?

HashBangCode looks at:

Drupal 10: Using A Lazy Builder To Create A Dynamic Button

PrometSource has this well-written tutorial:

6 Steps to Build a Solid Banner Component in Drupal 10

Matt Glaman explores:

Factories and dependency injection

WasmLabs examines:

Hardening Drupal with WebAssembly

This is extremely interesting and looks to be production ready later this year.

On a related note, InWebWorks shares:

The Ultimate Drupal Security Checklist to Safeguard Your Website

Drupal is:

Introducing the Updated Drupal Community Code of Conduct

And has a technical update related to Twig:

New clean_unique_id Twig filter

Mike Herchel announces:

Two DrupalCon Pittsburgh Sessions (plus a new job announcement!)

DrupalEasy dissects:

Drupal's OpenAI / ChatGPT / AI Search Integration contrib module - initial impressions

This Week

TechTales looks at:

Forms, Tables, and Pretty URLs. How do I create a customized data grid?

Pavel Buchnev explores:

Unleashing the Power of High Performance Queue Services for PHP applications

What’s up with the fucking “Unleashing” headlines recently? AI? Let’s unleash some originality peeps.

Ryan Chandler shows us how to:

Build Your Own Service Container in PHP - Minimal Container

Stitcher examines:

Building a procedurally generated game with PHP

Moslem Deris looks at:

The Great Debate: ‘ (single quotes) or “ (double quotes) in PHP — Best Practices and Examples

Camilo Herrera explores:

Server monitoring with PHP and Bash Scripts

Ariful Islam examines:

PHP Depency Injection Based on Payment Gateway

php[architect] looks at:

Automating Our Tests With GitHub Actions

And releases its May issue:

HTTP Burritors

Nico Anatasio shares:

PHP Security Best Practices PT1

Jack Marchant is:

Exploring Async PHP

Interesting and extensive.

Daniel Rotter explores:

Configuring NGINX with php-fpm in Kubernetes and the “File not found.” error

Peter Hrobar examines parallel processing:

Share nothing, copy by value and go \parallel

Olivia J shows us:

How to Use PHP Namespaces to Organize and Manage Your Code

Chris White shares:

Generating Large ZIP Exports From Files in S3 with ZipStream-PHP

London Lingo shows us:

How to Supercharge Your PHP RESTful APIs: A Complete Guide

Sergiu Pogor has another guide:

Mastering PHP Variable Types: A Comprehensive Guide

Miladev continues an exhaustive series on design patterns:

Mediator design pattern in PHP

I started sharing these, so I am going to stick to it until Miladev exhausts himself, herself, themselves, itself (AI).

Simple factory design pattern in PHP

Memento design pattern in PHP

Singleton design pattern in PHP

Facade design pattern in PHP

Previous Weeks

Erland Muchasaj asks:

What is $this?

In JS "this" flummoxed the hell out of me in bootcamp.

Mohamed Said looks at:

Defensive programming: the byzantine generals problem

Yannick Chenot explores:

Building a PHP CLI tool using DDD and Event Sourcing: getting started with EventSauce

Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes and other douchebaggery

The Register reports:

Ukraine war blurs lines between cyber-crims and state-sponsored attackers

NPR reports:

She had a dream job. Now, she's part of a massive brain drain hammering Russia

Dark Reading reports:

Pentagon Leaks Emphasize the Need for a Trusted Workforce

Ars Technica reports:

Israeli cyberweapon manufacturers plot to stay on the right side of US

It was hard to determine whether this article should be here or in the section below.

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

iNews reports:

Chinese hackers seeking ways to cripple infrastructure ‘likely to have targeted UK operators’

Forbes reports:

TikTok Creators’ Financial Info, Social Security Numbers Have Been Stored In China

Infosecurity Magazine reports:

Chinese Phishing Gang "PostalFurious" Expands Campaign

The Register reports:

Pegasus-pusher NSO gets new owner keen on the commercial spyware biz

You might have been phished by the gang that stole North Korea’s lousy rocket tech

The Register reports:

Amazon Ring, Alexa accused of every nightmare IoT security fail you can imagine

How surprising.

The Markup improves their tracking exposure tool:

Blacklight Updated With New Tracker Lists

DarkReading reports:

Top Cyberattacks Revealed in New Threat Intelligence Report

Digital Owl’s Prose examines:

Ensuring Data Security: The Crucial Role of Web Development in Achieving SOC 2 Compliance

MedCity reports:

Federal Agencies Release New Guidelines to Help Providers Fend Off Ransomware

Inspector compares:

Observability vs monitoring

The MDN blog looks at:

Using HTML landmark roles to improve accessibility

Evil Martians (great band name) list:

11 HTML best practices for login & sign-up forms

Dave Rupert shares:

Getting started with View Transitions on multi-page apps

Quite interesting.

Smashing Magazine explores:

Advanced Form Control Styling With Selectmenu And Anchoring API

New CSS to replace some JavaScript is coming soon!

Sitepoint has a:

Quick Tip: Shipping Resilient CSS Components

Jason Knight asks:

Not All JavaScript Array Iterators Are Equal… Or Are They?

GitHub has:

Highlights from Git 2.41

Ben Werdmuller addresses:

Extinguishing the Fediverse

This is what some fear Meta is after with its new federated Instagram product.

Stefan Bohacek demonstrates:

Making Fediverse apps for everyone

Onyxbits asks and answers:

What happens, when you have to move your Mastodon account to another instance?

Jeff Sikes shares:

Understanding Calckey Plugins

Calckey is a more fun-oriented microblogging Platform like Mastodon (which is more serious).

Bridgy Fed

Bridgy Fed turns your website into its own Fediverse account.

Owncast announces:

Owncast v0.1.0

Mobilizon, an Eventbrite-like platform on the Fediverse shares:

What’s new with Mobilizon?

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Keep coding Symfonistas!

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