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Symfony Station Communiqué - 03 June 2022

By Reuben Walker, 3 June, 2022

Welcome to this week's Symfony Station Communiqué. It's your weekly review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities. We also cover the cybersecurity world.

Take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you.

Thanks to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our last communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold.

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As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> “This week, Symfony 6.1 was released including lots of great new features. In addition, Symfony published its 4.4.42, 5.4.9 and 6.0.9 maintenance releases.”

A Week of Symfony #804 (23-29 May 2022)

Symfony announced:

Get rid of your project critical problems when migrating to Symfony 6 with SymfonyInsight

Join us in 2 weeks at our online pre-conference workshops at SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition

Get certified on Symfony 6 and Twig 3

SymfonyCasts finishes their course on upgrading to Symfony 6.

This week on SymfonyCasts

Exciting news for the local PHP dev environment world was announced. becomes a Lead Sponsor of DDEV!

Featured Item

ZDNet reports that:

New research suggests nearly a third of cybersecurity professionals are planning to quit the industry, at a time when companies are struggling to protect their networks from attacks.

If you are thinking of a career change or working in two fields, please consider cybersecurity. It’s vital.

Bad news: The cybersecurity skills crisis is about to get even worse

This Week

Tac Tacelosky show us how to:

Easily Share Your Twig Extensions with Symfony 6.1

Tomas Votruba is make to explore:

How to Make Configs like RectorConfig or ECSConfig for your Symfony Project

Sergi continues his tutorial series on Symfony and Elasticsearch.

Symfony, Elasticsearch - model data layer - Part 5 Tutorial

Vytenis Gelažius looks at Docker, PHP, and Symfony.

Streamlining Dockerfile configuration in PHP


Drupal announced:

drupal 9.4.0-beta1

This is a very important question.

Can Drupal scale down?

Because Drupal is too complicated. See below.

Lullabot shares their approach to:

Component Libraries in Drupal

Specbee shows us how to:

Build marketing landing pages quickly and easily with Drupal 9


Drupal is dying!

I will opine on this opinion. The author makes good points about the issues Drupal and WordPress are facing. D and WP realize the problems but are not moving fast enough in addressing them. It’s especially true for Drupal. IMHO.

However, the author makes some common mistakes:

  1. What is happening in the United States and Europe is not necessarily what is happening in the world.
  2. Drupal and WordPress are doing what they were originally designed to do, content management. People just used them for more and more types of applications (not apps) over the years. And they became bloated by meeting the new demands.
  3. They are losing market share on the bottom (personal sites) to Wix and their ilk, while simultaneously losing it at the top end to node.js, etc for non CMS purposes. However, they will remain strong in the 85% of the cases they are used for, content publishing at small to medium publishers and businesses. And they will continue to thrive with public sector websites.

Last Month

Chapter Three shares their technique for:

How to progressively decouple your Drupal site with Next.js and JSON:API


This Week

The PHP Foundation released their second roundup.

PHP Core Roundup #2

Enes Gezici asks:

What Are The Top PHP Web Development Trends In 2022?

Mhd Omar Bahra shares:

5 Things to do to write better PHP

Parvej Ahammad explores new:

Features that are accepted for PHP 8.2

Vikram Vaswani explores:

Get Started with Speech Recognition in PHP

Coman Cosmin continues a strong spate of articles with:

PHP Domain Driven Design — Actions

Atakan Demircioğlu looks at OOP:

Interface And Abstract Class

Kazeem Oluwatosin describes the:

Design System at PHPSandbox

Mert Simsek explains how to:

Maintain PHP Apps as a Daemon

PHP Watch shows us:

What's New and Changed in phpMyAdmin 5.2

Dino Cajic continues his series of PHP tutorials.

PHP — P51: Visibility Modifiers

JoliCode shows us how to:

Efficiently Mock APIs Locally With Prism

Last Month

Legend Nikic Popov discusses:

The opcache optimizer


Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes

Sky News reports:

US military hackers conducting offensive operations in support of Ukraine, says head of Cyber Command

The Guardian looks at how Ukraine’s televised news industry has adapted to the invasion.

‘Death to the enemy’: Ukraine’s news channels unite to cover war

Poynter looks at Justin Peden, a 20-year-old Alabama college student, who runs one of the most-followed Twitter accounts documenting the war in Ukraine.

This college ‘nerd’ investigates the Ukraine war from the digital front lines

Politico reports that the:

European Parliament bars Russia-backed lobbyists

Grid profiles Mykhailo Fedorov.

He’s 31 and has one of the most important jobs in the war. Meet Ukraine’s top ‘digital general’.

Bloomberg reports:

Sandvine Pulls Back From Russia as US, EU Tighten Control on Technology It Sells

TechSpot reports that:

Taiwan export ban limits Russia and Belarus to chips with frequencies under 25 MHz

Ars Technica reports:

“Everything is gone”: Russian business hit hard by tech sanctions

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Wired reports on:

How the Kremlin Infiltrated Russia’s Facebook

AP reports on the FBI Director’s testimony to congress:

Wray: FBI blocked planned cyberattack on children's hospital


The New Stack examines:

The Zero Trust Approach to Data Management

Silicon Angle reports:

GitHub adds more security and automation features to Enterprise Server

Here’s an interview with leader Joey Stanford.

Joey Stanford, "the pandemic has indeed caused a massive spike in cybercrime"

Venture Beat reports on:

Why edge and endpoint security matter in a zero-trust world


Molly White is a hero.

First she documented the alt-right. Now she’s coming for crypto.

Github shares:

5 automations every developer should be running

We featured Nolan Lawson’s previous post as last week’s Symfony Station featured item. This one is just as important.

State is hard: why SPAs will persist

As mentioned last week, an upcoming article on Symfony Station will explore frontend solutions for PHP-based content management systems and frameworks. The “State Problem” will be covered. I should be able to publish it next week.

Geoff Graham responds to the same article.

SPAs, Shared Element Transitions, and Re-Evaluating Technology

Venture Beat is:

Dissecting the hype over low-code

That's it for this week. Thanks for making it to the end of another edition. I look forward to sharing next week's Symfony and PHP news with you on Friday.

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