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Symfony Station Communiqué - 7 July 2023

By Reuben Walker, 7 July, 2023

Welcome to this week's Symfony Station Communiqué. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities focusing on protecting democracy. We also cover the cybersecurity world and the Fediverse.

There is plenty of good content in each category this week, so please take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you. There are a lot of Symfony items. Which is trés magnifiqué.

Or jump straight to your favorite section.

Once again, thanks to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our latest communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold. And will often involve profanity.

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As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> “This week, Symfony 5.4.25, 6.2.12 and 6.3.1 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, development activity focused on deprecating more features for the upcoming Symfony 6.4 version and removing those deprecated features in the 7.0 version. Both versions will be released at the same time according to our release process.”

A Week of Symfony #861 (26 June - 2 July 2023)

Symfony announces:

SymfonyLive Berlin 2023 - Transparent gasoline prices with aggregation pipelines in MongoDB

SymfonyLive Berlin 2023 - From Chaos to Control: Exception Handling in Symfony

SymfonyLive Berlin 2023 - Better software thanks to API First

SymfonyLive Berlin 2023 - Announcing the first 5 speakers!

SymfonyOnline January 2024: Save the date!

SymfonyCasts recommends:

Mapping Assets > AssetMapper: Modern JS with Zero Build System

Featured Item

We Distribute discusses federation between git tools.

“That’s the goal (of) Forgefed: to let code repositories use federation to talk across the web to each other. This could have a big impact on how code collaboration happens on the Web.”

The Future of Code Collaboration Might Happen Across The Entire Web

There’s more on ForgeFed at the bottom of the communiqué.

This Week

David Garcia explores:

Dealing with Doctrine’s Limitation of Storing DateTime ATOM Format (in Symfony projects)

Nico Anatasio shows us:

How procrastination will make your web app faster (with examples)

Requestum asks and answers:

Is It Worth Using the PHP Framework Symfony?

Thomas Bertrand examines the:

MapEntity attribute: your new Symfony best friend

Gabriel Anhaia looks at:

Symfony + Outbox Pattern + RabbitMQ: A Key for Reliable Microservices

Redrat schools us on validation:

Validando requests no Symfony Framework


Uetiko shares:

Magento ACL


TYPO3 announces:

TYPO3 8.7.52, 9.5.41, and 10.4.38 ELTS Released

Colorfield updates:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Planet Drupal - 2023 edition

Mike Herchel explores:

Using Drupal 10’s new Twig filters to set attributes on images

Cameron Eagans provides his thinking on:

Composer Patches Dependency Patch Resolution

Andy Blum has a:

Response to Pantheon's DrupalCon Round Table

AKA if you get in bed with Nazis and c*nts there are going to be consequences from decent people.

The DropTimes shares:

Right Place at the Right Time; Being a Part of Drupal Association by Alex Moreno

Mautic is:

Announcing Mautic Developer Days and Community Sprint in Vienna, July 19-21

Mautic is a marketing platform that integrates nicely with Drupal.

ImageX Media provides a:

Guide to using modules for Drupal Views contributed by our devs

Joomla announces:

Joomla 4.3.3 RC1 and 3.10.12 RC1

Previous Weeks

Evolving Web provides:

Drupal 7’s End of Life: A Simple Guide & Recommended Actions

Mandclu examines:

Dynamic Entity Query Based on Moderation State

The Drop Times looks at:

Keeping 400,000 Drupal Sites in the Family with Retrofit

Gabriel Anhaia shares:

A Comprehensive Guide to Using UUIDs in Symfony 6.4 with PHP 8.2

JoliCode show us how to:

Make Your Entities Sortable in EasyAdmin

This Week

Stitcher shares:

PHP version stats: July, 2023

JoliCode explores:

Castor, a journey across the sea of task runners

Derick Rethans announces:

Xdebug Update: June 2023

Flashback shares:

How we test code in a fintech startup with PHP

Atakan Demircioğlu has:

PHP Late Static Binding Explained

Lochemem Bruno Michael looks at:

Lenses in PHP

TechTales explores:

Working with Files. How do I access information about a local file?

Matt Glaman examines:

Using DDEV snapshots to speed up GitHub Actions workflows

DevWarlocks look at:

Composer: Crafting Your Own Package and Utilizing Semantic Versioning

Sven Luijten shows us how to:

Enable IntelliSense for PHP Extensions in PhpStorm

Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes and other douchebaggery

The Register reports:

US authorities warn on China’s new counter-espionage law

Wired reports:

US Spies Are Buying Americans' Private Data. Congress Has a Chance to Stop It

Dark Reading reports:

Russian Satellite Internet Downed via Attackers Claiming Ties to Wagner Group

Given this was one set of c*unts attacking another set, I didn’t know if this item belonged here or below.

TechCrunch reports:

Meta's Threads app is a privacy nightmare that won't launch in EU yet

Because. Illegal. Hopefully, Threads will be as successful as FuckUpZuck’s other recent project ⬇️.

The Nation shares:

Lessons From the Catastrophic Failure of the Metaverse

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

The New York Times reports:

Cracking Down on Dissent, Russia Seeds a Surveillance Supply Chain

The Hacker News reports:

Chinese Hackers Use HTML Smuggling to Infiltrate European Ministries with PlugX

Bank InfoSecurity reports:

Iranian APT Group Charming Kitten Updates Powerstar Backdoor

Politico reports:

FBI digital sting against Hive cybercrime group shows the promise — and limits — of hacking hackers

The Hacker News reports:

Node.js Users Beware: Manifest Confusion Attack Opens Door to Malware

BleepingComputer reports:

Critical TootRoot bug lets attackers hijack Mastodon servers

This is patched and instance owners should upgrade to the latest version.

Jake Archibald makes:

The case against self-closing tags in HTML

Sitepoint has:

An Introduction to Native CSS Nesting

The NewStack has:

JSON and Relational Tables: How to Get the Best of Both

Too Much JavaScript? Why the Frontend Needs to Build Better

Crinkle shares yet another reason why React sucks:

Old man yelling at a cloud

IEEE Spectrum shows us:

How Coders Can Survive—and Thrive—in a ChatGPT World

David Garcia shares:

A Deep Dive into the World of Databases: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Project

Great stuff here including a diagram.

The Fediverse Reports has:

Last Week in the Fediverse – episode 25

TechCrunch reports:

As Twitter flounders, Mastodon refreshes its official app for Android users

Mastodon is seeing another surge in signups as SpaceKaren @$$fucks twittler users once again. At least it’s via his stupidity this time instead of intentionally being a c*nt.

We Distribute reports:

Meta’s Threads App Leaks, Indicates July 6th Launch

In case there are still any fools out there who think FuckUpBook’s Threads should be give the benefit of the doubt, there’s this ⬇️.

“The sheer amount of telemetry Threads appears to collect is massive, far more than any other fediverse platform or application client. Why does Threads need Health & Fitness data, or Financial info? Why do they need your purchases and search history? That’s rhetorical, by the way – but, it’s surprising to see this amount of personal data being requested, even for Meta.”

Mastodon’s founder clarifies the details:

What to know about Threads

Make Use Of has this warning:

PSA: You Can't Delete Your Threads Account Without Also Deleting Instagram

That is fucking funny.

We Distribute has:

Brands Town is Where the Brands Are

This instance is a great source of amusement in the Fediverse.

Netz Politik has:

A Call to Action: Universities of the World, Join the Fediverse!

ForgeFed covers:

ForgeFed's Object Capability system

ForgeFed uses Activity Pub but it’s not a social media platform. As the name implies it’s a federation protocol for software forges.

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