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Symfony Station Communiqué - 08 December 2023

By Reuben Walker, 8 December, 2023
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Welcome to this week's Symfony Station communiqué. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities focusing on protecting democracy. Because open-source equals open societies, peeps. We also cover the cybersecurity world and the Fediverse (more open-source). There are a lot of Symfony articles this week which is fantastiqué! Let's hope there will be a ship ton of SymfonyCon articles next week.

There is good content in the all of our categories, so please take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you. This is why we publish on Fridays. So you can savor it over your weekend. 😉

Or jump straight to your favorite section.

Once again, thanks go out to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold. And often involve cursing.

Featured Item

Nico Anastasio writes:

"Is Symfony a front-end or back-end framework? In this blog post, We will see Symfony Views, where front-end technologies merge with the back-end to create beautiful and dynamic web applications.

I’ll share insights on how you can harness the full potential of Symfony’s Views to create stunning user interfaces, all while enjoying the robustness and flexibility that Symfony offers."

Is Symfony a front-end or back-end framework?


As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> "This week, Symfony 6.4.0 and Symfony 7.0.0 stable versions were released. We also published a Symfony 7 landing page to summarize the main new features of this version. In addition, we introduced the Symfony 7 certification. Lastly, the SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 conference will take place next week."

A Week of Symfony #883 (27 November - 3 December 2023)

They also have:

New in Symfony 6.4: DX Improvements (part 2)

New in Symfony 6.4: Workflow Profiler

SymfonyCasts continues its LAST stack course:

This week on SymfonyCasts

This is an outstanding one and free through January 15th.

And of course, SymfonyCon Brussels is rolling along this week.

This Week

Sajjad Hussain explores:

The Basic Concepts of Symfony Framework: A Comprehensive Guide

This is a fantastic overview.

Daniyal Javani shows us:

How to Implement a Simple Queue in Symfony

Brian Thiely shares:

Contextualizing Symfony 7’s Scheduler: Real-World Applications

And joliCode shows us how to:

Master task scheduling with Symfony Scheduler

Hazar Nenni examines:

The Power of Symfony in DevOps

Mathia Pagani looks at:

Symfony and iRODS Optimization: Python, Asynchronous Handling, and Redis Integration

Great stuff.

OpenAI PHP for Symfony is a community-maintained PHP API client that allows you to interact with the Open AI API.

OpenAI PHP for Symfony

Ruben Rubio explores:

Optimising a web application (I): seeing

Xin Tao shares:

Unit, integration, and application tests for Symfony applications

Kévin Dunglas has:

PHP and Symfony Apps As Standalone Binaries


Droptica examines:

Recurring Payments in Drupal Commerce with PayPal. How to Set Up the Braintree Module?

Sylius has a:

Month of Sylius: November

And Shopware has the:

Shopware Community Digest November 23


In Web Works looks at:

The Admin Toolbar - A Phenomenal Drupal Module for Website 

QTA Tech shares:

Choosing the Best Drupal Approach: Headless or Decoupled? 

I still think headless is a stupid term. It should be called frontless. And if you need something like this, go the decoupled route.

If you are into this sort of thing, Prometsource has:

Exploring AI for Drupal Development

And shows us:

How to Keep Data Secure During a CMS Migration

Third and Grove has:

A Closer Look at Drupal's New Major Release Cycle

Drupalize Me is:

Planning a Better "Hello, World" for Drupal

This is promising. Because Drupal is a pain in the ass to learn how to use.

Mandclu explores:

Translatable Inline Lists in Drupal

LostCarPark continues their Drupal advent calendar:

Drupal Advent Calendar day 2 - Subpathauto and Friends

Drupal Advent Calendar day 3 - Markdown Easy

FYI. When I enabled this for the basic html editor, it broke my site. I guess it's for use in full HTML or text editing modes.

Drupal Advent Calendar day 4 - Advent Calendar Module

Drupal Advent Calendar day 5 - Admin Navigation

Drupal Advent Calendar day 6 - Smart Trim

Drupal Advent Calendar day 7 - Extra Field


Drupal Advent Calendar day 8 - Disclosure Menu

ImageX examines:

Tailored Admin Experiences for All Users with The Dashboard Initiative in Drupal

Cyberschorsch shares:

Elevating Drupal's Capabilities with Redis for Advanced Data Management

Great stuff.

The Drop Times has a new newsletter.

This Must Be the Place 


Costa Rica 2023: A Glimpse into Success at Drupal Camp

Driven by Community; Not by VC Funds: Andrew Berry on What Differentiates Drupal from SaaS Offerings

DrupalEasy looks at:

Using DrupalPod for core and contrib development

Previous Weeks

Daniyal Javani shows us:

A Simple Way to Validate API Requests in Symfony

Ruben Rubio examines:

Testing an OpenAPI specification in PHP

Navid Hosseini looks at:

Running a Symfony application on AWS Lambda (Part 1)


This Week

PhpStorm announces:

PhpStorm 2023.3 Is Now Available

And published:

PHP Annotated – November 2023

Alexander Goller explores:

Serving Private Composer Packages with Serverless Cloudflare Workers and R2 Storage

Julien Maury asks:

PHP: why make your own exceptions?

Pest announces:

Stressless: Stress Testing for PHP

Stefano Fago examines:

Designing with PHP 8.1 Enumerations

Cube shares:

Code quality tool PHP_CodeSniffer has a new maintainer but needs corporate support

Christian Nastassi looks at:

Advanced Value Objects in PHP 8

Semaphore shares:

NativePHP: Build Desktop Applications with PHP

Piotr Gołofit asks:

Is PHP still relevant in 2023?

I think you know the answer.

Exacat has:

Smooth migration from array to object

Laravel News reports on:

FrankenPHP v1.0 is Here

Krzysztof Czereczon asks:

Are You Using Docker for PHP Development on MacOS? This Article Shows You a Better Alternative — Herd

Seliesh Jacob shares:

Creating and Managing JWT Tokens in PHP

Previous Weeks

Paweł Czyżewski explores:

PHP Fast(er)CGI Process Manager

More Programming

Mozilla published the:

2023 State of Mozilla

Hey, use Firefox peeps. And Thunderbird too. And the Mozilla VPN.

XDA shows us:

How to use GPU in Visual Studio Code

I would think there are similar strategies with PhpStorm.

That HTML Blog says:

The Invokers are Coming. Part II

Smashing Mag is:

Preparing For Interaction To Next Paint, A New Web Core Vital

Like all their articles, this is very useful.

The shitty browser known as Chrome shares:

CSS Wrapped: 2023!

A look at all the wonderful things that came to CSS this year.

TechCrunch reports:

As a new AI-driven coding assistant is launched, the battle for AI-mindshare moves to developers

GitHub shares a case study:

Upgrading to MySQL 8.0

HTMHell continues their advent calendar:

You don't need JavaScript for that

4,569% this!

The Form Attribute - Enhancing Form Layout Flexibility

Back to Basics: 5 HTML attributes for improved accessibility and user experience

The Hellish History of HTML: An incomplete and personal account

Web Components FTW!

Security Headers using meta

Very informative.

The hidden depths of the input element

Read this one.

Scoot Jehl shows us:

How to Use Responsive HTML Video (...and Audio!)

Multiline Comment demonstrates:

Simple reactivity with custom element attributes

Witty name.

CloudFour says:

HTML Web Components Are Having a Moment

Because they are an improvement over web components.

Fighting for Democracy

Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes and other douchebaggery

The Hacker News reports:

Russian Hacker Vladimir Dunaev Convicted for Creating TrickBot Malware

VentureBeat reports:

2 clear and consistent paths toward effective, accelerated AI regulation

ComputerWorld reports:

EU lawmakers move closer to finalizing AI Act

The Verge reports:

Facebook and Instagram accused of creating a ‘marketplace’ for child predators in new lawsuit

The Register reports:

Five Eyes nations warn Moscow's mates at the Star Blizzard gang have new phishing targets

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Ars Technica reports:

Chrome’s next weapon in the War on Ad Blockers: Slower extension updates

Google's new motto: Money before security and Greed before Don't Be Evil.

The Guardian reports:

Europe’s AI crackdown looks doomed to be felled by Silicon Valley lobbying power

Let's hope not.

Reversal of content policies at Alphabet, Meta and X threaten democracy, warn experts

US police agencies took intelligence directly from IDF, leaked files show

The Register reports:

US warns Iranian terrorist crew broke into 'multiple' US water facilities

Dark Reading reports:

Iran Threatens Israel's Critical Infrastructure With 'Polonium' Proxy

The Hacker News reports:

Microsoft Warns of Kremlin-Backed APT28 Exploiting Critical Outlook Vulnerability

Wired reports:

A Kremlin-Linked Network Used Fake Taylor Swift Quotes to Push Anti-Ukraine Propaganda

In news that surprises no one with a brain, the BBC reports:

Russia hacking: 'FSB in years-long cyber attacks on UK', says government


The Register reports:

US and EU infosec authorities pen intel-sharing pact

BleepingComputer reports:

Atlassian patches critical RCE flaws across multiple products

The Hacker News has more:

Atlassian Releases Critical Software Fixes to Prevent Remote Code Execution

Slate reports:

The Internet Enabled Mass Surveillance. A.I. Will Enable Mass Spying

StackDiary reports:

Vulnerability in Microsoft Edge allows code smuggling

Another reason to use Firefox.


The Fediverse Report has:

Last Week in Fediverse – in other news – ep 46

Misskey 2023 recap

5 years of Mobilizon

Tim Chambers shares:

A Year End List of Fediverse Development I'm Hopeful for in 2024

Great work, Tim.

Mammoth announces:

Introducing Mammoth 2: The easiest way quit Twitter/X for good and join Mastodon

It is and if you aren't on Mastodon, check this out.

Lickability shares a case study:
Designing Mastodon’s reply safety features

Sylkeweb Too explores:

Testing the Fediverse’s interconnectivity – how it all began or “The Fediverse is more than Mastodon”

Joan Westenberg says:

The block button is the ultimate source of dopamine. Use it.

Masimatutu opines:

Mastodon has the responsibility to promote diversity in the Fediverse

They are speaking about platforms and I agree.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 responds:

I've been thinking a bit about this post

Hmm. I think solutions can be found, especially for Mastodon's implementation of Activity Pub.

Ryan Barret is:

Re-introducing Bridgy Fed

As I have said before, I won't federate with Threads on a personal level and I am not sure about Bluesky. But, anything that gets the non-c^nts off Shitter is good with me.

Red Sweater announces:

MarsEdit 5.1: Mastodon Support is Here!

If you are on a Mac and Mastodon, check this out.

Framasoft has more details on Mobilizon:

Mobilisation V4 : the maturity stage

We Distribute reports:

After Radio Silence, Kbin App Artemis Shuts Down

Hypha is:

Announcing Distributed.Press Social Inbox 1.0

TechCrunch reports:

Bluesky says it will allow users to opt out of the public web interface after backlash

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