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Symfony Station Communiqué - 13 October 2023

By Reuben Walker, 13 October, 2023
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Welcome to this week's Symfony Station communiqué. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities focusing on protecting democracy. We also cover the cybersecurity world and the Fediverse.

It's also the first one on our redesigned website. Which may have a few kinks we didn't have time to iron out before leaving for DrupalCon. For example, the jump links on older communiqués won't work because the h2 headings jump to, did not import. There may be broken images and other links in older articles. We will get them sorted in November. I apologize for the inconvenience.

This also will be the last communiqué for a few weeks.

There is plenty of good content in each category this week, so please take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you. With DrupalCon Lille coming up, there is a ship ton of Drupal content.

Or jump straight to your favorite section.

Once again, thanks go out to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold. And will often involve cursing.


As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> "This week, Symfony celebrated the SymfonyLive Berlin 2023 conference with great success. Meanwhile, development activity focused on the upcoming Symfony 6.4 and 7.0 versions, mostly on the new features added to the AssetMapper component."

A Week of Symfony #875 (2-8 October 2023)

They also have:
SymfonyCon Brussels 2023: It's a (testing) trap

SymfonyCon Brussels 2023: Announcement of all workshops topics!

SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 : Very last days to enjoy standard tickets

SymfonyCasts continues their latest API Platform course:
This week in SymfonyCasts

Featured Item

I'm featuring Joan Westenberg again who writes:

"Musk boosts misinformation. He promotes hate. He demonstrates utter contempt for minorities, dissidents and his own employees. He postures as a free speech fan while selling out free speech at every turn. He courts the content of anti-Semites and sues the ADL for calling it out. He perpetuates an algorithm that boosts bullshit and suppresses insight, all in pursuit of engagement and attention. And every time we shrug and keep scrolling, we tacitly endorse his behaviour.

Remaining on Twitter increasingly requires us to compromise our values. Turning a blind eye to misinformation, extremism, abuse and harassment. Giving our attention and data to a corporation with dubious motives. And tempting us to reactively add our own angry voice to the maelstrom. In all the noise and frayed tempers, it becomes difficult to act with empathy, compassion and care — the ties that bind society together."

There Is No Moral Argument For Staying On Twitter/X

Please get the fuck off Shitter. Karma is real. The fiasco with misinformation on the Hamas/Israel war is the 2,384,642th reason to leave.

This Week

Ruben Rubio explores:
Clean controllers in Symfony (III): request handling

Brian Thiely has:
Symfony 6.3 Advanced Request Data Mapping

Optimizing File Uploads in Symfony Using Stimulus: A Developer’s Guide

Integrating OpenID Connect in Symfony 6.3: A Deep Dive into the Token Handler

Webhook Integration in Symfony 6.3: Exploring the Webhook and RemoteEvent Components

Bakoulis George demonstrates:
How Symfony & Twig Revamped My Routing and Page Rendering

Kévin Dunglas schools us on:
Webperf: Boost Your PHP Apps With 103 Early Hints


Centarro announces:
Commerce Stripe release adds Apple Pay + Google Pay support


Richard McHale has a quick tip:
Automatically switching laminas-form Annotations to Attributes with Rector


TYPO3 has:
Frontend Localization Guide

TYPO3 12.4.7 and 11.5.32 maintenance releases published

Joomla announces:
Joomla 5.0 Release Candidate 2 - Test the final package

Drupal announces:
PHP Fibers support

Brainsum shares:
Thoughts before heading off to Lille for DrupalCon

Lucio lists:
My Top 10 sessions I am excited about at Drupal Con Lille 2023

Annertech Digital Agency has one as well:
DrupalCon Lille: The sessions we want to see most

Personally, I am looking forward to my top 10:

On a related note, Drupal Easy shares:
DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 Superlatives
A bit belated, but I'm still working on a WordCampUSA article so I can relate.

And finally, The DropTimes has:
Must-Try Culinary Delights in Lille
No offense to Pittsburgh, but this and the beer are why I'm taking Dries advice from Acquia Engage Miami and going to Lille.

Pantheon announces:
Open Letter on Elevating Our Standards
Pantheon dials back their cuntism and aims for the bare minimum of acting like decent human beings.

Tag1 Consulting announces:
Gander: The Future of Drupal Performance and Scalability

Metadrop has:
Drupal Updater: Streamlining Drupal Maintenance Updates from CLI

The Drop Times has an interview:
Frederik Wouters: Predicting and Pioneering Drupal-AI Interplay

In Web Works examines:
Drupal BigPipe Module: The Phenom to Improve Website Performance

Evolving Web looks at:
Drupal for Higher Education Websites: 7 Reasons It’s the Top Choice
The same goes for government sites.

Specbee shares:
When ChatGPT Meets Drupal: The Future of Intelligent Websites
I don't know how intelligent it can be when it's based on stolen human content. Most humans are dumbasses.

ImageX explores:
[Drupal Recipes: an innovation for assembling your website’s functionality](

Previous Weeks

Maico Orazio shows us how to:
How to test a private service in Symfony

Brian Thiely also examines:
Optimizing Performance with Early Hints in Symfony 6.3

Vladislav Solntsev shares:
Symfony à toute vitesse : Boostez votre développement avec Hotwire, ImportMaps et SymfonyUX
Shiv Kumar looks at:
Similarities Between Spryker and Symfony

Shopware publishes:
Shopware Community Digest September 23

Bay20 shows us:
How To Get The Data From PHP To The Twig Template In Shopware 6

Hash Bang Code examines:
Drupal 10: Adding Third Party Settings To Drupal Configuration Entities


This Week

Derick Rethans has his monthly:
Xdebug Update: September 2023

Antonio Silva looks at:
PHPCS: PHP Code Sniffer

Laravel News reports:
[Run Pest Tests in VS Code with Better PHPUnit - Laravel News](](

Madhura Jayashanka
Stop using XAMPP: A Step-by-Step Guide to Docker for PHP and MySQL

Previous Weeks

Exakat explores a:
Well-Structured Switch Command in PHP

More Programming

Jason Knight emphatically states:
Smart Code Commenting : Consistency Is Key

That HTML Blog examines an:
Organizing Principle of Web Components

Xiuer Old shares:
5 Things You No Longer Need JavaScript to Do
There are 50 more he should cover in his next article.

Cloudfare announces:
Encrypted Client Hello - the last puzzle piece to privacy

Fighting for Democracy

Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes and other douchebaggery

The Next Web reports:
UNESCO, Dutch join forces on ethical AI supervision project

German anti-racism agency quits X amid Israel-Palestine disinformation wave

Niemans reports:
[Six Months Ago NPR Left Twitter. The Effects Have Been Negligible](](
Shitter has never been worth a damn for traffic.

The Verge Reports:
EU asks Elon Musk to prove X isn’t breaking Europe’s disinformation rules
The c^nt is.

TechCrunch reports:
EU also warns Meta over illegal content, disinfo targeting Israel-Hamas war
They didn't miss fuckup Zuck either.

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

NBC reports:
Verified X accounts spread fake news release about a Biden $8 billion aid package to Israel
See one example of 2,384,642.

Wired reports:
The Israel-Hamas War Is Drowning X in Disinformation
If your eyes are closed, open them and get the fuck off Shitter.

The Register reports:
Hacktivist attacks erupt in Middle East following Hamas assault on Israel
Just to be clear, fuck Hamas with a broken bat. And Iran and Russia with broken brooms.


Dark Reading reports:
Gaza Conflict: How Israeli Cybersecurity Will Respond
Since Israel's government is full of dicks, they know how to fuck people up.

The Hacker News reports:
PEACHPIT: Massive Ad Fraud Botnet Powered by Millions of Hacked Android and iOS

Bleeping Computer reports:
Bounty offered for secret NSA seeds behind NIST elliptic curves algo


Shady aka Lemmy has an update:
Lemmy Development Update 2023-10-06

Postmarks has one too:
One-Month Update

Evan Prodromou shares:
ActivityPub, the SocialCG, and the social web

TechCrunch has:
X competitor Bluesky adds email verification, flags misleading links in security-focused update

Mastodon actually has 407K+ more monthly users than it thought

Automattic/ shares:
Engage a Wider Audience With ActivityPub on
And self-hosted sites can via the Activity Pub plugin. If taken up, this will add millions to the Fediverse rolls.

Fedipage announces:
Fedipage, ActivityPub for Static Sites, has Released v1.0.1

Ryan Barret gives an:
Bridgy Fed status update
This hooks up the Fediverse and Bluesky. Not that JackShit's creation deserves it yet.

On a related note, The Fediverse Report has:
Last Month in Bluesky – September 2023

Last Week in Fediverse – episode 38

The Verge reports:
Threads is getting an edit button — and you don’t have to pay for it

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