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Symfony Station Communiqué - 18 August 2023

By Reuben Walker, 18 August, 2023
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Welcome to this week's Symfony Station communiqué. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities focusing on protecting democracy. We also cover the cybersecurity world and the Fediverse.

I am about to go on a workcation that includes the Naval Academy, WordCamp US, and hanging out with racehorses, so there won't be an edition for the next few weeks. Follow us on federated social media to stay up to date on the communities we cover.

There is plenty of good content in each category this week, so please take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you. The PHP and More Programming sections are filled to the brim in this edition.

Or jump straight to your favorite section.

Once again, thanks go out to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our latest communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold. And will often involve profanity.

As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> "This week, the upcoming Symfony 6.4 related to security, improved performance a bit by removing unnecessary calls for services and improved the newly introduced Workflow profiler panel. In addition, the SymfonyLive Berlin 2023 conference announced its workshops."

A Week of Symfony #867 (7-13 August 2023)

They share:

SymfonyLive Paris 2024 - Call for paper is open!

SymfonyCasts completes their AssetMapper course:

This week on SymfonyCasts

I have updated my article, Join us as we explore the strange new world of Symfony’s AssetMapper via SymfonyCast, to include the final chapters.

Featured Item

Cory Doctorow thinks The old, good internet deserves a new, good internet.

And expounds in his usual glorious manner.


This Week

Mukhiddin Jumaniyazov shares:
Symfony create custom ParamConverter


Shopware shares:
Shopware Community Digest July 23


Ayako YK explores:
Getting Started with Laravel's MVC


Joomla announces:
Joomla is 18! and Extended Security Support for Joomla 3

Joomla 4.3.4 Release Candidate

The Joomla Community Magazine publishes:
The August Issue - 18th Birthday Edition

Florian Langer opines on:
TYPO3 V12 and the CkEditor 5 Dilemma

The Drupal Association wants you to:
Explore the Drupal 7 End of Life Site

And fucking migrate.

Speaking of which, Matt Glaman wants you to:
Protect your investment in Drupal 7 with Retrofit for Drupal

And Prometsource provides:
Drupal 10 Migration Resources: The Ultimate Guide

Drupal Easy examines:
A method for utilizing multiple authors for a single Drupal node

Five Jars looks at:
Quality Assurance in Drupal: Tools and Best Practices

Mike Hercel shares:
Modern Methods For Improving Drupal’s Largest Contentful Paint Core Web Vital

Golems explores:
Hiding Form Fields in Drupal 8

WebWash shows us:
How to Generate Content using Artificial Intelligence in Drupal with OpenAI

Drupalize .me wants your help with a tutorial survey:
DrupalizeMe Survey: Tutorial Topics

Previous Weeks

Joubert RedRat shares:
Testes unitários para Custom Validation no Symfony

JoliCode writes about:
About Symfony Messenger and Interoperability

ImageX comprehensively explores:
Single Directory Components in Drupal 10.1: a Paradigm-Shifting Innovation for Theming
Great stuff.

This Week

Laravel News examines the:
PHP max() function

Mimranisrar shows us:
Supercharge Your Laravel or PHP Application: Unleashing the Power of PHP Opcode Cache for Blazing-Fast Performance

Anwar Nairi shows us how to:
Reinforce the type safety of your php arrays

Dev Warlocks looks at:
Creating Custom Attributes in PHP 8: A Guide

Nico Anatasio shows us:
How to Use Git for Website Development? (Tips for PHP Developers)
Tis something I desperately need to learn.

Tideways shares:
The PHP stat cache explained

Speaking of PHP stats, Benajamin Crozet has:
Is PHP dead? Usage statistics and market share for 2023.
The headline should be "PHP is not dead motherfuckers. Usage statistics and market share for 2023". And the Symfony stats are misleading because he only counts "platform" downloads and not component downloads. But it is worth reading.

Moslem Deris is:
Exploring the Distinctions Between Value Objects and Entities in Object-Oriented Programming

SplitBrain explores:
Using SQLite as Vector Store in PHP

Haziq Ali examines:
Using MongoDB with Core PHP: A Guide to Building Dynamic Web Applications

Nabil Hasan looks at the:
Spaceship operator in PHP
You know I was going to share this.

php[architect] explores:
Fixing Bugs With PHPStan

Stitcher explains:
The RFC Vote project

What's new in PHP 8.3

Albert Colom shows us how to:
Use custom PHP Collection instead of Array

Serhii Shkarupa examines:
8 questions to the PHP memory usage

Inspector announces:
New level of control for error notifications in Inspector

Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes and other douchebaggery

GB News reports:
Putin humiliated as sign calling him a 'dickhead' beams out in Russian city

The Kyiv Post has this opinion piece:
Why Can’t We Be Honest About Kremlin Propaganda?

Tech Ukraine shares:
Hatathon 4.0: Ukraine Heritage Edition

Mykhailo Fedorov: Ukraine is Increasing Drone Production 100 times, But it’s Still Not Enough

The Register reports:
Florida Man, associates, indicted for conspiracy to steal data, software
We all know which c^nt this is referring to and it's not Ron DeCuntis.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation opines:
California's DELETE Act Protects Us From Data Brokers

On a related note, Reuters reports:
US watchdog to announce plans to regulate 'surveillance industry'

Royal Society Open Science shares:
Mastodon over Mammon: towards publicly owned scholarly knowledge

Nature reports:
Thousands of scientists are cutting back on Twitter, seeding angst and uncertainty

Search Engine Land reports:
Brands pause X ad spending after ads serve with pro-Nazi content
You have to be an idiot or immoral to continue using Shitter at this point.

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

The Anti-Defamation League reports:
From Bad To Worse: Amplification and Auto-Generation of Hate via Social Media

The Independent reports:
Russian and Chinese hackers breached Foreign Office systems in cyber attack kept secret from public

The Hacker News reports:
North Korean Hackers Suspected in New Wave of Malicious npm Packages
You gotta love NPM. Not!

Dechiper reports:
CISA Director: We Need a ‘Sustainable’ Approach to Cybersecurity

The Register reports:
Veilid: A secure peer-to-peer network for apps that flips off the surveillance economy

Dark Reading reports on:
Bolstering Africa’s Cybersecurity

The Washington Post reports:
Cyber experts say regulators aren't going far enough with their rules

Kinsta explores:
The European Accessibility Act 2025: It May Apply to Your Website

CloudFour examines:
Progressively Enhanced Form Validation, Part 1: HTML and CSS

Go Make Things provides:
An intro to the dialog element

Jason Knight eviscerates:
ZindaCSS: Poster Child For What I’m Always Saying…

The Difference Between HTML Attributes and JavaScript Object Properties Matters!

Why I Think “CSS Nesting” Is Utter Garbage!

Vieur Old begs to differ on the later:
After Nearly 20 Years, CSS Finally Has a Native Nesting Syntax in All Modern Browsers

Spicy Web compares:
Enhance vs. Lit vs. WebC…or, How to Server-Render a Web Component

Sitepoint is:
Exploring the Top Lightweight Alternatives to React in 2023

OpenLampTech has a:
Developer and Founder Interview with Dominik Keller
They discuss a low-code tool for working with JavaScript, Typescript, and SQL.

Mahmoud Hossam looks at:
Locks in PostgreSQL Part 2

VentureBeat reports:
Redis scales vector data, improves data integration capabilities

Kinsta also shows us:
How To SSH Into a Docker Container

The European Accessibility Act 2025: It May Apply to Your Website

Windows shares:
Collaborating with Open Web Docs for great PWA docs

The Fediverse Report has:
Last Week in the Fediverse - Episode 30

Misskey and the Japanese Fediverse

Meet NLnet

Tweakers reports:
Get rid of Reddit? Plenty of alternatives, but not one competitor

Ninvenly shares:
Federation Safety Enhancement Project Announcement

IFTAS introduces itself:
IFTAS – Federated Trust and Safety

Seb Jambor looks at:
Understanding ActivityPubPart 3: The State of Mastodon
I got a lot of love on social media with this one during the week.

BlogPocket explores:
The Blogging Renaissance and the new era of decentralization

Wired reports:
How to Move Your Instagram Feed to Pixelfed, the Photo App That Doesn't Track Your Every Move
GNULinux writes in German:
Fediverse Series: Pleroma & Akkoma: Easy Communication in the Fediverse

Red Planet Labs shares:
How we reduced the cost of building Twitter at Twitter-scale by 100x
They claim to run Mastodon on a Twitter-size scale with a new platform, Rama. Interesting.

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