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Symfony Station Communiqué - 24 June 2022

By Reuben Walker, 24 June, 2022

Welcome to this week's Symfony Station Communiqué. It's your weekly review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities. We also cover the cybersecurity world.

Take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you.

As always, thanks to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our last communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold.

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As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> “This week, the SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition conference took place with great success. During the conference, we unveiled the new website to discover and learn about Symfony UX. Lastly, we announced the first speakers of SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022 (November 17-18, 2022).“

A Week of Symfony #806 (6-12 June 2022)

Symfony announced:

SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition was a blast!

And it was.

Zoom in on Symfony 5/6: the fast track workshop at SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022 (Symfony Blog)

Hello & 4 New UX Components

This is awesome news.

TechCrunch reports: secures $140M for web app development tools

And here’s the official announcement. Secures $140 million in Series D Funding to Support Enterprises in Scaling Fleets of Websites and Applications

SymfonyCasts is updating the Symfony Fundamentals course.

This week on SymfonyCasts

Featured Item

Mark Guzdial writes:

“A May 2022 report from the UK government Research Review Series: Computing makes some strong claims about block-based programming that I think are misleading.”

Programming in blocks lets far more people code — but not like software engineers: Response to the Ofsted Report

This Week

Gerard Rico Botella has some articles on Symfony, Docker, and Make for us.

How to setup docker-compose for Symfony projects

How to manage docker-compose Symfony project using Make

William Pinaud, a presenter at the recent SymfonyWorld has a review.

A quick REX on SymfonyWorld Online 2022— Summer Edition

Nancyvig has another comparison article for us. But, this one is useful.

Laravel vs Symfony


Ingo Steinke continues his series of articles we shared last week on Shopware and Symfony.

Obstacles at the end of the tunnel: trying to finish my tutorial plugin

Soft Gorillas asks:

How does our team handle Sylius E-commerce Development?


The Drupal Association newsletter had this news.

Drupal introduces PHP-TUF and Rugged to boost supply chain security

Drupal announced:

Updated security policy for Drupal core Composer dependencies - PSA-2022-06-20

Our second favorite Drupal personality, Mike Herchel has:

Pitfalls (and fixes) when lazy-loading images in Drupal

Idéative shows us:

Drupal 10 : tout ce qu’il faut savoir

Droptica asks:

What's New in Drupal 9.4? Review of the Latest Version

Karthik Kumar D K looks at:

Usage of PHPCS on Github via Pull Request for Drupal Applications

Specbee shows us:

How to make a Multilingual Website using Drupal 9

Last Week

prometsource shows us:

How to Optimize Digital Experiences in Drupal


This Week looks at:

What's new in PHP 8.2

Doeke Norg has:

(Singly) Linked Lists explained in PHP

Lucas Pereyra waves his wand at:

PHP Magic Methods: A Powerful Yet Tricky Feature

Laravel News explores:

A Collection of ISO standards as PHP Enums

Dennis Charity has:

Understanding Cookies and Sessions in PHP

Jetbrains announces:

PhpStorm 2022.2 EAP #5: @var in Return Statements, Enhanced HTTP Client, Docker Updates

Webdeasy looks at:

RegEx Validation: Cheatsheet of the most common regular expressions for validation (+ HowTo)

Dino Cajic continues his tutorial series:

PHP — P59: Self Keyword

Pascal Landau continues his series:

PhpStorm, Docker and Xdebug 3 on PHP 8.1 in 2022 [Tutorial Part 4.2]

Kodwings says you should:

Install and/or enable a PHP accelerator (highly recommended)

EMQ Technologies shows us:

How to Use MQTT in PHP

Joshua Otwell asks:

What is the LAMP stack?


Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes

The Guardian reports:

Nobel peace prize auctioned by Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov fetches record $103.5m

The Next Web reports:

President Zelensky’s hologram addresses 4 tech conferences across Europe — here’s what he had to say

The Evil Empire Strikes Back


Inside North Korea’s global cyber war: The intersection of hacking and organized crime

ZDNet reports:

Ukrainian organizations warned of hacking attempts using CredoMap malware, Cobalt Strike beacons

Bloomberg opines:

Putin May Win in Ukraine, But the Real War Is Just Starting

This article is why we promote this stuff weekly. And as we’ve said before, without open societies there’s no open-source software. Or anything else worth a damn.

The Atlantic reports on:

China’s ‘Very Dangerous Trajectory’

The Guardian reports:

Apple and Android phones hacked by Italian spyware, says Google


PCMag reports:

US Shuts Down Massive Botnet That Masqueraded As a Proxy Service

Computer Weekly reports on the:

Challenges of securing a software supply chain

Venture Beat reports:

OpenSSF details advancements in open-source security efforts

Bank Info Security says:

Microsoft Moves Toward DNS Over HTTPS

The Verge reports:

Businesses risk "catastrophic financial loss" from cyberattacks, US watchdog warns


Tuple wants to:

Send an Open Source Developer on Vacation

Do your favorites a solid and vote on this.

TechCrunch reports:

Copilot, GitHub's AI-powered programming assistant, is now generally available

Michał Romańczuk shares:

Boy scout rule in 6 examples - the basic principle of web development

The Markup makes:

The Case Against Crypto

David Gerrard reports:

Bitcoin drops below $20,000, Ether cracks $1,000 — what this means

Input reports:

DARPA pokes hole in blockchain’s supposed ‘decentralization’

The Next Web has:

Tim Berners-Lee: Screw Web3 — my decentralized web has no blockchain

The drift of these stories is that crypto is the cyber version of Donald Trump, 100% lies, horseshit, and self-hype. And of course, mostly criminal.

InfoWorld asks and then opines:

What is Podman? The container engine replacing Docker

Yoast SEO explains:

Why Schema needs to be a graph explores:

Writing BDD Test Cases in agile software development looks at:

Goroutines, threads, et IDs de threads

The Next Web also reports:

IBM's human-centered approach is the only blueprint your AI startup needs

Kinsta looks at:

Microservices vs APIs: Understanding the Difference

Postman updates:

The 2022 API Platform Landscape: Trends and Challenges

Giorgi Gutsaev shows us:

Why TypeScript is cool

Stéphane Sulikowski covers:

Getting started with Svelte components

As you may know, I am a big proponent of component-based design. And while I don’t usually use JS frameworks, when I do, I use Svelte. 🍺 😉

That’s it for this week. Please share this communiqué.

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