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Symfony Station Communiqué - 29 April 2022

By Reuben Walker, 29 April, 2022

Welcome to this week's Symfony Station Communiqué. It's your weekly review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities.

DrupalCon Portland was this week, so there was lots of news about Drupal 10. There was plenty from Symfony as well.

Take your time and enjoy the items most helpful to you.

Thanks to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our last communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

Please note that links will open in a new browser window. My opinions will be in bold.


As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> “This week, Symfony development focused on the upcoming Symfony 6.1  version, finishing some new features for it and polishing its already merged new features.”

A Week of Symfony #799 (18-24 April 2022)

There were two release announcements:

Symfony 6.0.8 released

Symfony 6.1.0-BETA2 released

Javier Eguiluz continues to update us on what’s coming in 6.1 with:

New in Symfony 6.1: Improved Routing Requirements and UTF-8 Parameters

New in Symfony 6.1: Serializer Context Builders

New in Symfony 6.1: Draft Emails

This item is self-explanatory.

More speakers and talks announced at SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition

SymfonyCasts announced, “We’ve got a FRESH tutorial for you this week: the one where we upgrade our Symfony 5 app to Symfony 6.... without breaking anything!”

This week on SymfonyCasts

Featured Item

Speaking of SymfonyCasts, this week we will toot our own horn as the saying goes.

And speaking of Toots, you may already follow us on Twitter at @symfonfystation. And since it may be turning into Shitter, we are now on Mastodon as well at

Consider joining the instance. The home to your toots does not offer reach (yet), but it does offer authenticity and civility. More on this at the bottom of this communiqué .

Plus, it’s elephant-like. ;)

Back to our article, it explores and reviews SymfonyCast’s “Harmonious Development with Symfony 6” tutorial course in detail. Best of all, the course and the review are free. They are a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the Symfony programming framework and the official learning platform.

A review of SymfonyCast’s Free “Harmonious Development with Symfony 6” Course

This Week

More tooting.

Exploring the Symfony Ecosystem on Flipboard.

Grégoire Hébert notes, “If you happen to read the service tag mechanism in the Symfony documentation, you'll discover that any service can be defined along with a tag.

Service tags are a way to tell Symfony or other third-party bundles that your service should be registered in some special way.”

[Symfony] Inject a tagged iterator in a more natural way

Have you ever heard of Contao? If the answer might be "No", we are about to change that now.

Get in touch with Contao CMS

But, if you read these communiqués regularly, the answer is yes. ;)

Drupal announced:

Drupal Core News: Drupal 10 will be released December 14, 2022 blog: What’s new on - Q1 2022

Acquia has a new tool for monitoring the transition to 10.

New Drupal 10 readiness dashboard on

Lullabot looks at:

The Present and Future of Drupal’s Administrative Interface

Verity-Thinks writes, “A content management system (CMS) for editors that generates a static site optimized for speed and security? Why not! Many static-site generators still require technical knowledge and/or developer intervention. So, the idea of offering our clients a Drupal CMS to manage their site was definitely enticing. It was especially attractive given we could (comparatively) forget about security for the resulting site.

Inspired by emerging WordPress-as-a-Static-Services, the team agreed to explore and build a Drupal-as-a-Static-Service proof of content (POC) for some of our existing Drupal sites.”


Centarro says, “While many Drupal developers have at least some eCommerce experience, the number of people in our community who make it their primary focus is rather small. This isn't surprising, given Drupal is most often used as a CMS, not an eCommerce platform. However, it does mean that when you encounter an eCommerce opportunity, you may not be making the most effective pitch you can to win the merchant's business.

One way to improve your pitch is to make sure you're using the same vocabulary to describe eCommerce features and concepts as the rest of the eCommerce industry.”

The ABCs of PDPs and PLPs

Continuing with eCommerce, Khrystyna Oliinyk shows us:

How to Easily Import Orders from Magento to Your Software

This Year

Matt Glaman writes, “I recently did a deep dive into command authoring with Drush, which is where I discovered two amazing new features: auto-discovery of commands via autoloading and the addition of attributes for defining your commands.”

Writing Drush commands with PHP attributes

Gary Clarke has a YouTube series on building a Microservice with with Symfony Framework (version 6). He says, “In this introduction we'll look at microservice architecture and the benefits of its use.”

Create a Microservice with Symfony Part 1: Introduction (Symfony 6 Tutorial 2022)

PHP logo


This week

The PHP Foundation provides its first roundup of its efforts to maintain, improve, and grow PHP.

PHP Roundup #1 - PHP Foundation

Simply Stef continues her series of articles called PHP 101 Fundamentals. It includes this helpful one.

PHP 101: Loops

Plus this.

Getting to grips with Regular Expressions [Regex]

Brent explores:

What's new in PHP 8.2

Rahoul Gohil writes, “In a previous article, I got a good response about the mistakes that people made in PHP. There I forgot to mention the most common mistake made by many developers out there. They write nested queries inside the while loop of PHP.”

Avoid Nested Queries in PHP Loop

Lucas Pereyra notes, “PHP __sleep and __wakeup methods are magic methods (methods that PHP will invoke during special moments or cases) that PHP provides for dealing with serialization/deserialization of class instances (objects) during runtime. Serializing an object basically means creating a string representation of that object, so that it can be temporarily stored or saved (e.g. dumping it into a text file) and restored later.”

PHP __sleep and __wakeup magic methods: How and when to use them?

Abdlrahman Saber wants you to:

Stop using regular exceptions in PHP!

Viktor Daróczi continues his series on functional PHP programming with:

The Irresistible Container — Functional Programming in PHP (Part 6) says, “PHP is a wonderful dynamic language that's capable of many cool things. I recently stumbled upon something quite fantastic that I want to share with you.”

Creating PHP interfaces, traits, and classes dynamically at runtime notes, “The Middleware Pattern allows you to easily change the input and output of an action.”

How the PHP Middleware Pattern works and can easily be applied

Sanasar Yuzbashyan writes, “we will look on how we can add a very powerful dd() function to any PHP project in just a few steps. I think you will agree with me that this is much more convenient than var_dump()  or print_r().”

The dd() function in each PHP project

Boris DeBot explores installing WSL2 for the LAMP stack.

Installation de WSL 2 et de la pile logicielle LAMP

And we have this announcement:

PHPStan 1.6.0 With Conditional Return Types and More!

Last Week

Matthias Noback says, “I was tweeting something about having separate "DDD" and "ORM" entities in a project in a project, and that I don't understand this. There were some great comments and questions, thanks a lot for that! To be honest, I understand more about it now. In this article I'll try to provide some more information about this.”

DDD entities and ORM entities

Code logo


Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes

NBC reports how:

From office work to drone drops: Ordinary Ukrainians join wartime supply effort

Montana Public Radio asks:

How does Ukraine keep intercepting Russian military communications?

And The Verge asks:

They’ve leaked terabytes of Russian emails, but who’s reading?

The Guardian shows how:

The artists of Ukraine find their voice in a cry of resistance

Wired reports that:

Ukraine War Prompts Europe's New Emergency Rules for the Internet

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Axios covers this announcement:

Microsoft: Russia has conducted hundreds of cyberattacks against Ukraine

This ZDNet article shows Evil is evil, even to itself.

Bronze President spies on Russian targets as Ukraine invasion continues


TechRepublic asks:

OAuth 2.0: What is it and how does it work?

VentureBeat reports that:

Dangerous malware is up 86%: Here’s how AI can help

TechRadar reports that:

APIs are becoming a cybersecurity disaster zone

GitHub says, “Do you worry that a CVE will hurt the reputation of your project? In reality, CVEs are a tracking number, and nothing more. Here's how we think of them at GitHub.”

Removing the stigma of a CVE

Inc. opines, “Keeping your networks secure protects us all.”

We agree.

Good Cyber Hygiene is a Civic Duty

I just bought Mozilla’s VPN this week, so of course, I ran across this afterward.

Microsoft readies a built-in VPN for Edge powered by Cloudflare


TechCrunch reports that:

The rise of defense tech is bringing Silicon Valley back to its roots

Taylor Hunt has this fantastic article:

Routing: I’m not smart enough for a SPA

If you read the featured item you will find the article below is one I definitely need to read. ;)

The Front-End Developer's Guide to the Terminal

VentureBeat also reports that:

Spotify dances to the beat of open source

By the way, Joe Rogan, if you are reading this, hello and fuck off!

The Overflow writes, “Are the robots coming for your job? You’ve heard this question before (we’ve even asked it before). But in 2022, with AI increasingly ubiquitous in the lives of most coders, the issue feels more pressing.

Given the explosive progress AI has made over the last few years, it might seem like only a question of time (or data) until its mastery over complex, nuanced problems clearly outstrips our own. From Go to poker to StarCraft II, AI has bested humans in plenty of arenas where we were once uncontested champions. Is the same true of coding?

The robots are coming for (the boring parts of) your job

The International JavaScript Conference looks at the Trade-offs and Technologies behind Progressive Web Apps.

One App to rule them all?

Amplitudo looks at the MVC pattern. Which you may be familiar with.

MVC — Model View Controller

Grant Horwood goes into detail on:

just enough curl for api devs

As we mentioned in the Featured Item section, Endgaget says, “We may not yet know exactly what Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter means for the platform, but one Twitter alternative is already booming as a result of the news. Mastodon, the open-source social media service which bills itself as the “largest decentralized social network on the internet,” has been "exploding" since Musk's acquisition, according to its founder.”

After Musk's Twitter takeover, an open-source alternative is 'exploding'

There is good news for us web programmers in another VentureBeat item.

Report: Website usage has grown 57% since 2020

That's it for this week. Thanks for making it to the end of another edition. I look forward to sharing next week's Symfony and PHP news with you on Friday.

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Keep going Symfonistas!

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