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Symfony Station Communiqué - 4 November 2022

By Reuben Walker, 4 November, 2022

Illustration of the surface of an alien world.

Welcome to this week's Symfony Station Communiqué. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities. We also cover the cybersecurity world in detail.

It’s holiday time for Symfony Station. That means this is the last communiqué until November 25th. Feel free to explore our archives if you miss us too much. 😉 For today take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you.

As always, thanks to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our SymfonyCon preview article and  our earlier communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold.

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As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> “This week, Symfony 4.4.48, 5.4.15, 6.0.15 and 6.1.7 maintenance versions were released. In addition, Symfony 6.2 beta 1 and beta 2 were published so you can test the upcoming Symfony version in your own projects. Finally, the first conference about Sylius, the e-commerce platform based on Symfony, took place with great success in Poland.“

A Week of Symfony #826 (24-30 October 2022)

Symfony announced:

New in Symfony 6.2: Clock Component

New in Symfony 6.2: Access Token Authenticator

New in Symfony 6.2: Better Emoji Support 🎉

SymfonyCasts continues its PHPUnit course and starts a new one on patterns:

This week on SymfonyCasts

Featured Item

The New Stack interviews Drupal creator Dries Buytaert who talks about his company Acquia's new headless starter kit, and his thoughts on competing with WordPress in headless.

How Drupal Fits Into an Increasingly Headless CMS World

Symfony logo

This Week

Ben Roberts explores:

Why you should migrate your Symfony configs to PHP

Linkvalue reviews API Platform Con:

Les bonnes pratiques à retenir de l’API Platform Con 2022

Relay is a Redis™ client like PhpRedis and Predis, except two orders of magnitude faster.

A new tool - Relay

The New Stack opines:

Redis Is Not Just a Cache

Grégoire Hébert shows us how to:

Maîtrisez votre app avec le pattern decorator


Shopware announces a new template:

Shopware goes Symfony Flex

The Magento Humor Society (who picks these names) explains:

Getting Started with Magento Integration for Amazon


Stavros Kounis looks at how to:

Debug PHP/Drupal with DDEV, XDebug, and VSCode

Bhardwaj Vineet provides a:

Basic Understanding of Configuration System on Drupal 9

Specbee shares:

The Drupal 9 Webform Module – A Brief Tutorial

Aten Design Group has a:

Xdebug 3 Setup for Drupal VM with PHP 8 on Visual Studio Code

Computer Minds explains how to:

Allow editors to use HTML attributes by default

Bounteous has an:

Introduction to ChatOps with Acquia BLT and Slack

Hashbangcode explores:

Drupal 9: Creating Ajax Dialogs

Previous Weeks

Really it's three, but Mauricio Gelves explores:

1001 ways to implement Gutenberg blocks

Options 1 and 3 can be used with Drupal.


This Week

Roman Pronskiy asks:

Generics via Attributes in PHP — Can We Have Them?

Jakub Tobiasz explains how to:

Secure your franken elePHPant — the story how I made SSL working with FrankenPHP in Docker

A prolific .com software is back with:

Redact Parameters in Back Traces in PHP 8.2

8 Tips to Write Amazing PHP Code

No More Dynamic Properties in PHP 9. The Language is Evolving!

Native JSON Validation in PHP 8.3

Ben Roberts has:

How to eliminate boilerplate code with PHP 8.1

Code Quality Tools and CI For Solo Developers

Document your app with PHPUnit Testdox output

On a similar note, Daniel Opitz looks at:

Collections in PHP

Garrett Massey explores:

Stacks, Queues, and Deques — Data Structures in PHP

Wolfgang Klinger explains:

Test-first practice with PHP 8.1

Laravel News has:

Modern PHP features explained - PHP 8.0 and 8.1

OpenAI PHP Client

Hasan Sheikh examines the:

Adapter Design Pattern with a real-life example in PHP

Sofia Tarhonska provides a:

PHPMailer Gmail Tutorial

Greg Hermo shows us how to:

Mock AnyArgs PHPUnit Test

Dino Cajic continues his tutorial series:

PHP — P81: Script to Class

Morteza looks at how site generation in a new PHP package manager works.

How Saeghe says “Hello World”.

And Grzegorz Korba examines:

Saeghe: new package manager for PHP

Oxylabs explores:

Web Scraping With PHP | Ultimate Tutorial

Nkiru Nwanolue shows us:

How To Detect Errors In PHP

TutorialBoy show us:

How To Exploit PHP Remotely To Bypass Filters & WAF Rules

Kenpachi Zaraki has:

A Simple PHP (PDO) + MySQL CRUD Application Part #2

Dino Cajic has another tutorial:

PHP — P86: MySQL Insert with Prepared Statements

Anil Yelken looks at:

PHP Source Code Analysis

Previous Weeks

And the:

Top 7 PHP Frameworks

Benjamin Crozat shows us:

How to build your next PHP project with a touch of AI


Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes and other douchebaggery

The Next Web reports:

Ukraine’s top IT event lays foundations for a post-war tech hub

Wired reports on:

The Election That Saved the Internet From Russia and China

Lawfare reports:

Democratic Governments Are Failing to Leverage Technology Companies

The Guardian reports:

‘We will be relentless’: top US Nazi hunter turns to Ukraine war crimes

The Guardian reports:

Olena Zelenska says she hopes Musk’s Ukraine peace tweet was ‘chance mistake’

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

The Washington Post reports:

MAGA porn, hate for Trump: China-based accounts stoke division


Decipher reports:

OpenSSL to Fix Critical Flaw

OpenSSL 3.0.7 Fixes Two Buffer Overflows


Ars Technica reports:

Replit’s Ghostwriter AI can explain programs to you—or help write them

Jatinmodi asks:

Linters, is it a good thing to have?

Emma Kodes shows us:

How to use Git and GitHub for your personal Project

Acquia explains:

Git rebase: Under the hood

VentureBeat reports:

Gitpod looks to advance cloud developer environments

Scott Feeney explores:

4 Twitter features Mastodon is better for not having

We mention it at the bottom of the communique each week, but so that you know, we are on Mastodon at Join the instance and follow us there. This is important because ⬇️

The Guardian reports:

‘He is poised to open the floodgates’: can Twitter survive Elon Musk – or even thrive?

Matthias Andrasch asks:

Yes, SvelteKit for the frontend (win)! But what about a CMS dashboard for clients?

The irrepressible Jason Knight says:

Let’s Talk HTML <meta> And <link>

CSS-Tricks explores:

The New CSS Media Query Range Syntax

Lullabot has a very useful:

Introduction to CSS Cascade Layers

Joshua Otwell explains:

INTERSECT and EXCEPT commands in MySQL - Digital Owl's Prose

Mickaël Andrieu asks:

Is Your Database World-Ready?

The Next Web reports:

Tim Berners-Lee: Screw Web3 — my decentralized web has no blockchain

Preach, brother.

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