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Symfony Station Communiqué - Workcation Edition

By Reuben Walker, 4 September, 2023

Welcome to this week's Symfony Station communiqué. It’s a workcation edition of Symfony-related links. I thought these were too important not to share despite being out of the office. We will be back with the regular format on Friday.

There was a ton of content that came in while I was away, which is awesome. What’s not awesome is letting AI write your headlines on Medium. No more Unlocking, Unleashing, or Mastering, please.

My opinions will be in bold. And will often involve profanity. Though probably not this week.

As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

A Week of Symfony #868 (14-20 August 2023)

A Week of Symfony #869 (21-27 August 2023)

Their latest newsletter is out:

Symfony newsletter

Blackfire shares:

Stepping up your debugging game: unveiling Blackfire’s new debug option to troubleshoot Segfaults

Recent Weeks

BlackCatDev shares:

Mastering API Development with Symfony: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Dominykas Murauskas shows us:

How to set up DB read replicas on Symfony 6 using Doctrine

On a related note, Mukhiddin Jumaniyazov explores:

Symfony & Doctrine custom Filter. Introduction

And Ruben Rubio examines:

Auto-registering custom Doctrine types in Symfony

Skowron Jakub has:

Unlock the Secrets of Advanced Error Handling in Symfony: 3 Genius Methods Beyond Try-Catch!

Unlock the Power of DTO in Symfony with This One Library!

Mastering Message Brokering in Symfony: A Practical Guide to Three Essential Patterns

Unlock the Power of Dynamic Features in Symfony: The Ultimate Guide to implement Feature Flags

Handling Multiple Requests Seamlessly with Symfony Lock

I am assuming these were a website dump to Medium, but they’re still good stuff.

JoliCode examines:

State replication with Symfony Workflow, Messenger, and RabbitMQ

David Garcia looks at:

Mastering Performance Optimization for Symfony Projects

.com Software explores:

Beautiful Symfony Controllers With The “View” Event

Cloudways shows us:

How to Install Symfony 6.3 Using Composer (Easy Guide)

Thanks to them for being a sponsor at WordCampUS by the way.

Yoan Arnaudov provides a:

Symfony Twilio Notifier Example

Alex looks at:

PHP+Slack: 5 easy ways to send a message

Fabien explores:

Modern OAuth2 Discord Authentification with Symfony

API Platform previews an upcoming session for their conference:

Developing APIs with Symfony in 2023

Antonio Turbo examines:

Handling deprecated routes using Symfony compiler passes

Joppe looks at:

Testing symfony applications with Cypress

Fabien explores:

Modern OAuth2 Discord Authentification with Symfony


SitePoint has:

An Introduction to the Laravel PHP Framework


The Drop Times shares:

Ubercart to Drupal Commerce and the Birth of Centarro: Interview with Ryan Szrama

bitExpert publishes:

Sync Sylius order payment state to an invoice


TYPO3 shares:

TYPO3 Reaches WCAG 2.1 Standard Through BITV Test

Webhooks in TYPO3

Messages in TYPO3

ZYXWAre is:

Unlocking the Power of Structured Data: Exploring Drupal's Blueprints Module

On a related note, Jacob Rockowitz explains:

Installing the Blueprints module for Drupal

I’m about to begin a rebuild of this site with Drupal 10 and this module is one of the first I’m setting up.

Five Jars examines:

Implementing Automated Testing with Codeception

Matt Glaman asks and answers:

How do theme template overrides in Drupal work?

Evolving Web shows us:

How to Convert Regular Components into Single Directory Components

Robert Roose shares:

How I upgraded my site from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10

Specbee shows us:

How to incorporate Drupal 9-compatible modules into your Drupal 10 project

Promet Source has:

More to Love: Big Site Builder Benefits in Drupal 10.1

ImageX Media looks at:

New ways to improve content editing on a Drupal website in 2023

Droptica explores:

Code generation and no code tools for Drupal

Salsa Digital shows how to:

Improve your Drupal website’s security, performance, patching, accessibility, SEO and carbon emissions

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