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Symfony Station Communique - 17 September 2021

By Reuben Walker, 17 September, 2021

Welcome to the first Symfony Station Communique. It will be a weekly review of the most useful and important news in the Symfony and PHP development communities.

*My opinions will be in bold.

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Let's start as we always will with the official weekly post of everything new from Symfony.

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"This week, the upcoming Symfony 5.4 version optimized PHP preloading, improved the Web Debug Toolbar to show roles of the logged-in user, added support for resetting container services between two AMQP messages to avoid memory leaks, and removed the experimental flag from RateLimiter and Runtime components."

A Week of Symfony #767 (6-12 September 2021)

Alexandre Daubois published this super useful guide of Symfony components. Bookmark this one.

Ultimate Guide to Symfony Components (2021)

If you subscribe to SymfonyCasts, be sure to check out the one exploring entity broadcasts that come with the Symfony UX Turbo Mercure package. Personally, I am excited about Stimulus and Turbo. I think they will have a huge impact on the framework's success.

This week on SymfonyCasts 

On August 19, 2021, Fabien Potencier officially announced the end of maintenance for Swiftmailer. Swiftmailer is being replaced by the symfony/mailer package. looks at how you can use it outside of Symfony.

How to use symfony/mailer without the Symfony framework

According to W3Techs, PHP is used by around 79% of all websites. It’s eight times more popular than ASP.NET, its nearest rival in server-side programming languages. Kinsta looks at its popular frameworks including Symfony of course. 

The Most Popular PHP Frameworks to Use in 2021

This one is self-explanatory. ;)

Symfony plugin for PhpStorm has just got support for PHP8 Doctrine metadata attributes.

Sararellano published this quick look at how to add new filters and functions in Twig.

Custom Twig Filters and Functions

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As mentioned above PHP is very much alive and thriving. arsTECHNICA has the details.

PHP Dominates Server-Side Languages

One of my favorite technical writers covering PHP is  @brendt_gd. He explores how read-only properties have evolved.

A Look at PHP 8.1 Read-Only Properties

In this video from JetBrains TV, you can learn how to extract code to interfaces and how to create dedicated classes to keep classes from knowing too much.  

Refactoring with PhpStorm: Last Episode [video]

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Explore this hot CSS framework.

Tailwind CSS: A Utility-First CSS Framework and API for Rapid, Responsive Design

I am going to step up on the soapbox here.

There has been a bit of a "controversy" over Docker (a commercial enterprise, not open-source software) daring to try to charge multi-million dollar companies for its products. It is doing so to raise money so it can improve its products for all of its users. This includes the vast majority of them who will still be able to use Docker for free. 

People, pay for the products you use. Either with subscriptions or donations (in time or money). Don't be an over-privileged codeflake.

Stepping down now.

This article looks at Docker's rationale for the change.

Behind the Scenes of Docker Desktop 

In an extensive article, Jean Yang examines how are developers supposed to manage and coordinate fast-moving, heterogeneous systems — and free themselves to build. 

The Case for ‘Developer Experience

Innovating today is much more than just writing code. The tools we use also play a significant role in doing our best work, and it’s GitHub’s stated mission to provide that experience. This is why they are excited about GitHub Codespaces among other things. 

What’s new from GitHub Changelog? August 2021 Recap

That's it for this week. We look forward to sharing next week's Symfony and PHP news with you on Friday.

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Happy coding Symfonistas!

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