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Symfony Station Communique - 1 October 2021

By Reuben Walker, 1 October, 2021

Welcome to this week's Symfony Station Communique. It’s a weekly review of the most valuable and essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities.

Thanks to the team at Symfony's blog for featuring our previous Communique on Sunday!

We are light on articles this week as we are in Cape Cod celebrating Oktoberfest. ;)

*My opinions, if I present any, will be in bold.

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This week

As always we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> "This week, Symfony announced that Flex is going serverless. This will simplify our operations and will allow you to host custom recipes in your own repositories and to add features on top of the public Flex API. In addition, the upcoming Symfony 5.4 version added support for RGB notation in Console colors and added a new EnumType form field."

A Week of Symfony #769 (20-26 September 2021)

Symfony has a new way to support the community. If applicable please consider it.

Symfony Sponsoring Program

This one is self-explanatory.

Symfony 5.39 Released

SymfonyCasts say there's a tricky detail in any Doctrine relation: the owning vs inverse side. Find out what this refers to, why it matters, and the special thing that the make:entity command does to help.

They also dive into the powerful "Collection" objects in a Doctrine relationship, like the ability to:

  • order a collection relation with ORM\OrderBy
  • count a relationship & tell Doctrine to use a smart COUNT(*) query
  • filter $question->getAnswers() to only return *approved* answers for a question

This week on SymfonyCasts 

On Medium Sd404 looks at notifications in the Symfony ecosystem.

How to send notifications asynchronously using Symfony & RabbitMQ

Form errors are explored in this post by JoliCode. 

Display Symfony form errors, without any submit

Cloudways shows us how to configure Elasticsearch in Symfony.

Configure Elasticsearch in Symfony 5.x Applications

This month

Cloudways also examines hosting Symfony on Linode.

How to Host Symfony based Apps on Linode


The Notifier is a “new” component that was introduced in Symfony 5.0, the documentation says:

“The notifier component can send notifications to different channels. Each channel can integrate with different providers (e.g. Slack or Twilio SMS) by using transports.”

Smaine Milianni takes a look.

Create a Notifier Transport in Symfony

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This week

Brian Wallace looks at the benefits of using a PHP developer.

5 Benefits of Hiring a PHP Developer

You may have seen articles like this one before, however I still find them useful.

PHP vs. JavaScript: The Better Option For Your Dream Web Project

This month

Here’s another look at some of the interesting parts of PHP 8.

PHP 8.0: How to Get Started & The Most Interesting New Features

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Wouter Carabain shows us how to use extensions with API Platform.

How to use Extensions in API Platform properly?

David Colby schools us on using HTML, Stimulus, and Tailwind

Building a horizontal slider with Stimulus and Tailwind CSS

That's it for this week. I look forward to sharing next week's Symfony and PHP news with you on Friday. 

Please share this post. :)

Happy coding Symfonistas!

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