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By Reuben Walker, 4 July, 2024
This article looks at Symfony training brought to you by the team behind Symfony and Twig. SensioLab's name is inspired by the Spanish word “sencillo” or “simple” in English, and it's the company Symfony's founders use to monetize and support the platform. One way they do it is via SensioLabs University.
By Reuben Walker, 5 June, 2024
I won't beat a dead rocket launcher. Many people have written good reviews about the Starshot announcement. Instead after a quick introduction to Starshot this article shares my vision of what it should become.
By Reuben Walker, 13 May, 2024
If you follow us you know we are champions of the Fediverse. And have written extensively about it. Like Symfony, PHP, Drupal, Sylius, etc. it's open-source and a moral alternative and new foe of corporate social media. Which we can all agree is shit. This article is motivated in particular by our being selected as one of the first few hundred Fediverse publishers on Flipboard and gaining ten new handles. So, I want to help you sort out the ones you may want to follow. And of course, my existing ones as well. But more importantly I want to help you start your journey through the Fediverse by benefiting from my experience.
By Reuben Walker, 24 April, 2024
Symfony is unbeatable when it comes to building complex and scalable web applications. Be they sites, services, an API, or Spotify. It's a fantastic weapon in your PHP programming skills arsenal. So, breakout you laptop and put your thinking helmet on. This is the way to learn modern Symfony and slay your PHP space demons.

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